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Fatigue Monitoring


Advisory System for Tired Drivers

ASTiD® is a predictive, unobtrusive, early warning algorithm that empowers drivers to self-monitor and self-manage their own risk of driver fatigue.

ASTiD® is built in layers comprised within two distinct but cross-correlating systems that monitor the known variables which are indicative and typify tired driving.

Using complex signal processing, the first system (i) is “knowledge-based” and provides an electronic template predicting hour by hour the likelihood of a driver falling asleep over a 24hour period. It is influenced by a prior sleep model and a real-time fit-for-duty assessment (Fatigue RADAR app)

The second (ii) is a “dynamic steering-based” system that monitors driving deterioration over time. Information from (i) is fed into (ii) and this continuous cross-referencing, outputs a fatigue risk index every minute that can be plotted to present a visual indication of the drive.

Detected swerves image
ASTiD hardware and mbile app

Simply put, one system predicts fatigue whilst the other indicates when it’s happening.

The ASTiD hardware is accessed via a Bluetooth enabled, mobile app. Once the driver has logged in, the app then transmits the fatigue-risk data to the cloud-based fatigue dashboard whilst simultaneously providing real-time, in-vehicle feedback to the driver of their increasing risk to fatigue.

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