Fatigue RADAR®


In today's mobile-driven world, hand-held devices by their very nature are more intimate and operate in real time ensuring information you most want your workers to have, be right their at their fingertips.


Whether that's information about their current fatigue levels, survey feedback on fatigue management performance, compliance to fatigue risk audits or simply introducing/automating a voluntary or paper-based reporting procedure, Fatigue RADAR® offers a flexible and effective way to connect people and processes to advance your strategic fatigue risk, safety goals.

  • Fatigue RADAR® app

    Fatigue RADAR® is an integrated, mobile fatigue risk management platform, providing a centralised resource containing all the tools, forms and documents required to support an organisation’s fatigue risk management system.


    Fatigue RADAR® comprises a suite of forms, tools and applications to capture and transmit fatigue related data in real time, in the field or in the office. These applications include, but are not limited to:


    • Alertness Self-Assessment Tool, with Time-on-Task Tracker
    • Supervisor Fatigue Assessment Tool
    • Fatigue Risk Contingency Plan
    • Personal Fatigue Action Plan
    • Journey Management Plan
    • Fatigue Surveys


    Additional forms can be uploaded or developed and all content is customisable, in order to align with the customer’s existing safety management processes.

  • The Fatigue RADAR® front end

    The Fatigue RADAR® front end is a browser based application, so it can be used on any tablet, smart-phone or desktop device.


    Document and version control

    The most up-to-date forms and tools will always be available to users, so there are no updates to download.


    No user restrictions

    The applications and forms can be accessed by any employee in any work environment such as remote workers, office based staff, mobile personnel etc.


    Remote operations

    The browser app can be adapted to cater for remote workers when no/poor signal strength restricts data transmission. In this situation, the data will be stored and transmitted when the signal is restored.

  • The Fatigue RADAR® back end

    The Fatigue RADAR® back end is a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) visualisation engine providing:


    • A centralised, cloud based database for all your fatigue related information
    • A flexible and intuitively designed dashboard allowing you to interact and explore any number of combinations and relationships within your data
    • Customised fatigue KPI’s, monitored in real-time, e.g. minute by minute and day by day
    • The capacity to fuse multiple data streams to assess the impact of fatigue on productivity, compliance, or any other operational performance measure


    By simply clicking on any element of the dashboard you can instantly interrogate the associations between the different streams of data in real-time. These integrated relationships can then be deployed as a unique set of KPI’s which can be monitored, managed and accessed instantly and remotely.

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